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Waking the Dragon III: Secrets of Odo Island
Chapter III: Secrets of Odo Island
By Gwynplaine de Orme
We were not prepared for everything Odo Island was to show us. The island lent itself to the image of an idyllic tropical paradise complete with small but energetic fishing villages, vibrant, sweet-smelling flowers, a plethora of colorful animals -- the whole package. The weirdest thing, however were the islanders themselves. All of them, including the women, were six-foot or more. It was indescribably strange to see people who are largely of Japanese descent be not just taller than the home-islanders but taller than most Americans and Europeans. At six-three, I was used to being the tallest person in a room, but I saw more than one of these islanders a head or more taller than myself.
As we tried not to stare too obviously at them, a thickly-built elderly bronze man with hair that spiked out in awkward ways, dressed in a white and green robe came up to me roughly half an hour after we’d been on the island. He smiled weakly
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Waking the Dragon Chapter II: Behemoth
Waking the Dragon;
Chapter II: Behemoth
The Dragon of Tokyo, Dawn of the Monster Age (Gwynplaine de Orme)
I do not recall, precisely why I was in Osaka that day, but I remember hearing the sirens. I remember the utter dread that gripped me. I helped design these sirens. They were an imitation, of sorts, of Wani’s own blood-curdling shriek and roar. They did the job: they terrified everyone and everything that heard it.
With Wani trapped in her ice prison, the world sighed a relief. So why was the siren blaring? Because in the tail end of 1958 or the earliest parts of 1959, we received another shock: another beast had reared its ugly head.. We do not know exactly where this particular one came from. It was four legged, and looked like some kind of super-massive Ankylosaur, mixed with a porcupine and Triceratops. Interest in dinosaurs had grown since the Wani attack, and I remember it being reported as ‘Angilas’ or ‘Anguirus’, after some mangled pronunciatio
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Waking the Dragon
Waking the Dragon
Excerpt from Ernst Pile’s 1961 “The last days of the Pacific War”.
In 1945, the Pacific War looked as if though it would only take one final push before the Americans would deal the death-blow to the Japanese Empire. Pushed back from one end of the Pacific to the Home Islands themselves, the Americans had landed in areas once though impregnable. Holy territory, Japan itself. Iwo Jima fell, though with terrible casualties. Okinawa was even worse. The Americans paid for each foot of ground with gallons of blood. The Empire was never going to surrender. Admiral Halsey famously quipped “When we’re done, the Japanese language will only be spoken in Hell”. The Japanese would oblige him.
The Americans had been getting reports of a secret weapon, something so terrible that only now, in the Japanese Empire’s own Alamo would it be used. They weren’t worried. Their own ace in the hole, the nuclear hellfire, was almost complete. Jap
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